In many homes and offices one could find cupboards bursting with material stuffed in haphazard manner, which generally is of no or rare use. These may seem harmless, however a lot of proven research say that clutter and disheveled space has significant negative effect on the human brain. Cluttering can cause unbearable heaviness. Our brains like seeing things in order. Shabby spaces reduce our brains’ ability to focus, by draining our cognitive resources.

Feelings of stress, anxiety and depression can also be induced due to clutter. A research in United States in 2009 found that the levels or cortisol (or stress hormone) were higher in mothers who were living in a cluttered home environment. Clutter can also trigger various physical and psychological changes which effect the human health and behaviour.

Some of the most drastic negative effects that clutter can cause in human life are:

  • Poor eating choices
  • Physical pain
  • Loss of sleep
  • Increased anxiety levels
  • Decreased productivity
  • Interference in relationships
  • Lesser sense of freedom

It is therefore essential to maintain a space which is clutter-free. Our home is not just a space to stay, it is your inner reflection. It is very important that we de-clutter our living space in order to gain maximum benefits form the environment we are staying in.

Benefits of a Clutter Free Home

  • Saves time on cleaning
  • Improves sleep
  • Better eating habits
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Induces a sense of accomplishment
  • Fills your mind with gratitude
  • Increases concentration
  • Builds better relationships

Here are some easy to do hacks which shall help you be clutter free.

  • Add Dividers in Your Closet Spaces

The top shelf of a closet usually lacks compartments. Make neat piles out of folded clothes, bed sheets or towels and add in the dividers. This will prevent your clothes from getting mixed up into each other even in the topmost shelf of your closet.

  • Use Area Rugs Wisely

A well carpeted floor, topped with an area rug, is an interesting decor piece. However, too many area rugs can make your home look cluttered. Use area rugs sparingly, so as to give a neat and de-cluttered look to your living space.

  • Avoid Hoarding Old Newspapers

Discard any paper that no longer serves you a purpose. Do not keep unnecessary paper stacked in a place or just lying around. Instead, give used papers for recycling. This way, you will de-clutter your home and also contribute towards saving the environment by not burning the papers or throwing them away in a garbage bin.

  • Hide Your Cables in a Cardboard Box

Every household has a number of wires and cords lying around the gadgets. These cord clutter are quite annoying and distracting. To get rid of this, use a cardboard box to hide any cable that is lying around. This will give a neat look to the multiple cords in use.

Designing a home conducive for storage is indeed essential. One needs to have sufficient organized storage space in their wardrobe, shelves and rooms. At Colonelz, our experts design your space in such a way that you have enough area to keep your house de-cluttered. Visit our website to give your living space a clutter free makeover.