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Commercial Architecture

Colonelz has the selected group of general contractors, developers and building owners are also used for commercial / architectural projects providing the engineering knowledge used in the construction, renovation, and optimization of buildings. We offer the commercial Architectural Fees in about the typical rates people within the organizations and governmental agencies routinely pay for various commercial architectural services. In particular, Colonelz only focuses on commercial architecture design rather than residential project types. However, it needs to be remembered that residential projects do fall within the maintainable complexity. This is a tried-and-true method of understanding the relative amount of detail, and therefore, amount of work, or hours, that an architect can devote to create a project design and set of Construction Documents.

Company specifications

We provide full commercial architects service and also provide commercial architectural firms for residential projects including new build dwellings, extensions and conversion/renovation projects and we also have considerable experience working with historic buildings and conservation projects.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the residential, commercial and the construction industry.

Here at Colonelz, as a commercial architecture firm, we can provide a tailored service to meet your specific requirements, whatever the size of your project from a small kitchen extension to a larger design, we can provide an innovative, thoughtful and practical design solution to help achieve your goal.


Architectural Services To be rendered

• A commercial architecture company provides construction documents and advice for clients who want to build their project.

• The construction documents usually consist of working drawings and specifications.

• The contract documents also include the architect’s advice and counsel in developing forms of agreement between the owner and the contractor and other consultants and entities.

• The owner rarely possesses electronic drawings that are specific for the residential project, compatible with the architect’s latest software, and accurate for what has to be built.

• The architect usually needs to revise the documents provided by the owner for the new project in order to have a reasonable and reliable depiction of existing conditions from which to proceed with the new design and work.

• Summary: A commercial architecture company is a professional service provider that helps clients with their construction documents and contracts.