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Commercial Interior Design

  • When you go to a food court, there are numerous options available to you, but you home on to one or two. Why? The food is what you like, the ambience is good & so on.
  • As a leading commercial design architecture firm, we practice the art of balancing functional needs and aesthetic preferences in your commercial space. After all, the purpose of a building is really defined by its interior, not its exterior. Two neighboring shops could be diametrically opposite in look and feel. Whatever be the sort of business, store, office, warehouse, or a restaurant, there is a need to design it so as to be a catalyst in fulfilling the overall aim. Just consider the most simple thing like an office. Are Offices required to be designed? It is such a simple thing, plan the reception, seating for various types of employees, PAs, Secys, Bosses, Peons, Pantry, café, Chill out zone, board room, Chairman’s space, some rooftop garden, meeting area, crèche, library, server room, storage, departments’ segregation and a few more. Hmmm, it’s a task to optimize these all into the space available.
  • We have been into commercial interior designing services for a decade now & not one client of our had surplus space as per his requirement. We were able to link 3 totally separate floors of a showroom, by simply designing it in a way that there is no break of continuity and the flow goes on. That is where the designing comes in.
  • Some may feel that they are great designers. “Ignorance is a Bliss”. Are you aware that there are more than 50 types of material and ways in which your windows can be handled?
  • When we make an interior design concept statement, it brings out the essence of the complete interior design proposal. It lays the groundwork for the visual components of the final state of your office. Our design speaks for itself!
  • We, as a commercial interior company, spend hours discussing with you, your requirements & desire about the place. We go through a number of sittings with you to finalise. Once we finalise, it conveys your inspiration and vision for your space. We recommend:
  • KISS The US Army jargon –KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid!!!!, works well.
  • Owner’s Desire. The owner is the final authority, whose desire we give maximum importance to. However, we do advise & recommend what we find apt.
  • Spatially Optimised. Commercial space come at high price. Hence, we aim at making the space beautiful, while accommodating maximum No of employees.
  • Economically Optimal For a great designer, the costliest is not always the best. We work on optimizing your spend.
  • One Stop Shop. After designing, we implement the same, saving you the buggery of interacting with numerous types of labour & vendors.
  • Our designing and implementation is an elaborate process as brought out above, which is based on continued interactions; arriving at the desired layout, material to be used, budget, time plan, civil / structural changes required, and so on and so forth. Once the plan is frozen, a work plan is initiated giving time lines. In the process, we include all aspects, whether it is civil, plumbing, electrical, designer art, and what have you.
  • If you want to have an experience of your lifetime, we, one of the best commercial interior designers, are there.
  • Wishing you “A Very Happy Business Time”.