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Why Hire Us?

With the Internet becoming a predominant part of our lives, most of us having access to various designs, websites, and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos, feel we are best suited to do the Interiors for our Spaces. Ideas and concepts have gotten easier to decipher. However, the Information Overload and alignment of these inputs in a usable manner is pretty tough. Many assume that creating a luxury space or design carries a huge cost, in fact, it’s actually the opposite. A good interior designer actually saves you money, then bankrupting you.

Here’s how Colonelz Construction can help you

We Save Your Money

We ensure our fees for interior designing is repaid many times over with savings made on your project. Using our relationship with suppliers and our in-house team of experts we vow to give you the best deal for your buck. We work out a detailed Schedule of Works at the beginning of the project, giving you an accurate Estimate, thus preventing costly mistakes in execution; as also restrict the continuous increase in cost by putting across items which are sounded as important/mandatory. Our planning is meticulous. We make budget estimate & compile Schedule of Works with a breakdown of prices for each element of the project; an essential and complex calculation that can be done only by a professional.

No space is Too Small, No budget Too Tight

We work on all sizes and budgets. The notion that Interior Designers is a rich man’s prerogative stands a myth for us. We work as ardently for you as we would for a multi-billionaire. Our team will provide you with options for themes/concepts in the form of mood boards, floor plans, furniture layouts, electrical & plumbing layout if needed, best suited to your need and you! 3D visualization based on the space comes as part of the package. After this presentation and approval upon, we plan the project together.


To crystallize a project, we carry out detailed interactions with you to understand the inhabitants’ habits, behaviors, personality, needs, etc, eg- • Do you wake up after-morning (this may call for blackout shades)? • Do you prefer eating in the dining room or the kitchen (maybe a breakfast nook is in order)? • Will you live in your condo at all (spruce it up as a rental instead)? We suggest economically optimal options & solutions, based on your lifestyle. If your taste clashes with your family’s (or your spouse’s), we propose a compromise compliment both parties. Based on the input received, we then work on designing a space that WORKS FOR YOU.

Product & Service Range

We are an exception! Apart from having our own In-House Team of Architects, Interior Designers and Artisans, we also have our own Modular & Designer Furniture Manufacturing Unit, which helps us give you quality, economy & guaranty.

Don’t Sweat It

We handle projects from start to finish. We’re your Contractor, we’re your Service Provider, WE ARE A ONE STOP SHOP. We come with our in-house architect, interior designer and specialist workmen including electricians, plumbers, mason, carpenters and other skilled manpower. We also have tie-ups with the Best Firms for Intruder Alarm Systems, uPVC, ceramics, and other input materials and products. For items we don’t make, we help you shop and get you amazing discounts.

Intertwined Plans

Our plans, layouts, and designs are based on the utility required from a particular place. Every finish, every furniture, every socket has a reason. Lighting & electrical plans are made ensuring they work with the furniture layouts and room designs. On a complex renovation, the untrained eye can overlook a simple decision such as where to put a plug socket. It’s too late at the end of a project to realize you can’t place your INR 50000/ Porta Romana table lamp where you want it because the lead does not reach the power supply. We work backward from the envisaged interior finish, and plan everything meticulously, starting from the furniture plans and go back to basics.

Experienced, Trained, Artistic Eyes

Our Team comprises of Extremely Professional & Conversant Architects & Interior Designers, suitably supported by highly Skilled and vastly experienced Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians, Masons, Iron Smiths and more. Artisans trained to handle intricate and complex designs and their challenges and problems, thus eliminating the expensive mistakes of trial and error. Creativity, imagination and artistic flair are our traits. It is because of this training and experience that the team has a ‘magic touch’ on projects that pulls everything together. We work on hundreds of little details such as choosing right lighting, the positioning of switch plates, electrical outlets, specifying the trim detail of a headboard, and many more.

And Finally, We Stay Friends Even if You Don’t Hire Us.

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