From a group of friends to couples to working professionals, nobody minds stopping by a coffee shop. A coffee shop usually attracts a wide variety of customers. The interior of a coffee shop plays a major role in engaging guests. An elevated aesthetic look and increased comfort can urge customers to become loyal patrons.

You can create an alluring space for your business with these coffee shop interior decor ideas:

  • Create an interior that reflects your brand and mission.
  • Emanate an ambience that is apparent to your patrons.
  • Choose your lighting wisely. Use organic lights to conserve energy.
  • Make the space interactive and Insta-worthy.

You can give a great aesthetic look to your coffee shop interior by incorporating the following themes:

  • Industrial Style Interior

Take inspiration from factories, warehouses and other interior spaces. Opt for a colour palette which includes hues like grey, black, tan, white or maroon. Here’s all that you need to include in your decor:

  • Exposed architecture
  • Metal accents
  • Block shapes
  • Squared lines
  • Mechanical components
  • Use of vintage components
  • Mid-Century Interior

In the mid-century, from 1930s through 1960s, materials were celebrated for their uniqueness. Explore new materials in the light of new technology, while still celebrating traditional ones. For the hues, stick to neutral colours like light greys, browns and creams. Include these decor pieces to give your coffee shop a classic mid-century look:

  • Unique or contrasting materials
  • Clean lines
  • Organic and geometric shapes
  • Tables and chairs with tapered legs
  • Cozy and convenient furniture
  • Rustic Interior

This tone of interior will feature organic and natural elements. Country or farmhouse decor is also apt for creating an in-the-woods atmosphere. Neutral colours such as tan, cream, brown and green give an aesthetic rustic essence. Use the following to amp up the rustic feel of your coffee shop:

  • Lots of natural elements like real plants and flowers
  • A mix of different types of wood
  • Galvanized planters
  • Farmhouse components
  • Emphasis on rugged beauty
  • Vintage Interior

The vintage decor includes styles from a variety of decades. It draws inspiration from the past and emanates a romantic, charming atmosphere. You can play with pastel or faded colours like burgundy, light orange, peach, mustard, yellow and sea green for creating a vintage look. Enhance your vintage coffee shop interior with these decor pieces:

  • Floral accents and wallpapers
  • Mahogany wood
  • Stained glass lamps
  • Elegant patterns and designs
  • Distressed couches and chairs
  • Vintage luggage
  • Pieces with ornate elements
  • Tablecloths with intricate patterns
  • Modern Interior

Modern style decor is a fairly new concept. This style follows function which means all furniture and decor pieces should feel very 20th century. Modern interior is simple but with a practical and intentional purpose. A modern environment can be created in a coffee shop by using colours like brown, taupe, cream or pure white. You can include the below mentioned decor pieces to give your cafe a modern look:

  • Smooth surfaces with crisp lines
  • Very light or dark wood tones
  • Clean and organized pieces without any clutter
  • A blend of comfortable and sophisticated elements
  • Clean metal accents
  • Lack of intricate detailing

Adhering to any of these styles, you can also include these decor accents in your cafe to make the space more engaging and immersive:

  • Magazines and books
  • Artwork
  • Tableware
  • Music

At Colonelz, we have a variety of interior decor ideas best suited to the unique need of our customers.  Our team of professionals focuses on your requirements to create a space which compliments your concept and use.