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Residential Architecture

Residential architect begins with a project by meeting with a client to determine that client’s individual design tastes, vision, and budget, and then they establish a blueprint of that. Colonelz Constructions as residential architectural services provides an array of products & services; from construction to interior designing, residential architectural services, modern executive and designer furniture. Residential architects are skilled professionals who specialize in the design and construction of residential buildings, such as individual homes and interior decoration of the homes and palaces. Residential architects are concerned with the beauty of a residential building as well as its functionality.

Reasons Why to choose Colonelz

Personal Relationships with Clients :

Company builds a personal connection with its customer which allows to work on the residential project easily. The distinction might be based purely on the fact that residential projects are not for profit only. Residential architecture also involves feeling, emotions and sentiments of the client which we take care of very well.

Involvement of the Client in the Process

Most of the traits are more readily available with residential projects because of the personal and emotional involvement clients demonstrate as it is much closer to their hearts.

Company Role in the Process

Our architects enjoy working on projects where they are involved in the entire process. To start with the initially designed programming meetings, through design development, construction drawings and construction administration.

Length of Projects

As one of the top residential architecture firms, this is one item that company debated leaving off the lists as a positive. A very high percentage of our residential projects have a higher cost per square foot construction cost than our commercial projects.


Requirement of residential architecture

For residential architecture company need to take into account zoning laws, environmental factors, and the stability that is the structural stability of the building, Company also need to design the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling components of the building. Some residential architects recognise and analyse the projects from their initially designed stages as conceptually designed into completion, which means they are working together with contractors, homeowners, builders, and even interior designers and somehow, we, the Colonelz provide the best services as we are the best residential architecture firms.