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Residential Construction

We always say that we want our dream home to be like this to be like that. We have so much to do with our homes to make them look we have always wanted and the journey for creating a home of your dreams starts with laying the foundation and its construction with a final result. In the journey of the making of your home, you can take along Colonelz, a leading residential building construction company, who completely understands your needs and desires and gives its everything, to build you have always wanted.

Depending on what you want and your budget, here are a few construction methods this construction company is best at:

1- Wooden Framing

Most of the people prefer to have a wooden frame while building their home because of its low cost. Also, people choose this because of its design versatility. Our residential construction services provide with that. This frame is prepared using wooden beams and lumber components that are connected using nails or screws to construct walls, floors, roofs, and ceilings. One of the drawbacks of this type of frame is that it may suffer damage due to moisture.

2- Steel Framing

Light-gauge steel framing is somewhat similar to wood framing but the difference is that it is having longer durability and lesser drawbacks. Though the steel framing is a bit costlier than the wooden framing, it features a uniform, predictable finish that results in straighter walls and more tightly constructed homes. It is not the much commonly used one type of frame.


3- Masonry

In this, the frames are prepared with blocks, stone or brick. The frames that are made up of blocks are mostly used as basic framing material in areas that are prone to storms or high winds that could be damaging for wood or steel framing. Due to its heavyweight, this frame is strong and has longer durability. Also, it provides excellent insulation and sound-blocking properties. Our residential construction companies can come up with this easily.

4- Concrete

You can construct the homes involving concrete framing from cast-in-place concrete, precast panels or insulated concrete forms that are consisted of integral insulation. It doesn’t matter which type of these concrete frames you choose, it is going to have greater strength and long durability. Also, it requires little maintenance and is good at resisting fire and pests. They can easily withstand high winds and tough storms. These are a bit costlier than the other frames.

5- Green Techniques

Straw bale homes are well-known for representing a sustainable and eco-friendly design. Whereas, Earth-mound homes, including those prepared from adobe and those sheltered underground; presents another energy-efficient design people choose for their homes. And the structural insulated panels are one of the commonly used green construction methods. These are constructed of sheets of foam insulation placed between plywood or fiber cement. They form the walls, floor, and ceiling of a home for energy-efficient and watertight construction.


Colonelz is one of the best residential construction companies who are finest at preparing these frames with a team of skilled and experienced constructors. They are the providers of residential building construction services with all their efficiency.