To a great extent, Walls play a vital role in defining the interiors of any space. They depict your style and resultant elegance when it comes to the appearance of your house. No matter what style you may choose, every wall contributes to the overall ambience of your dream space. Walls give us all the freedom we desire while still creating a world that is solely ours. Let’s see how we could do things right to add the needed glitz and glam to make the walls more appealing and desirable.

There are numerous wall finish options to rejuvenate and upgrade the looks of the existing walls, giving the interior spaces a fresh vibrant look. Let’s discuss some options. 


If you want to make your interior space moisture-proof, you may choose to renovate the walls with tiles. Standard tiles are apt for your kitchen and bathroom spaces to revamp them mesmerizingly. They are low maintenance and long-lasting option but require quality workmanship for giving a fine finish to the wall. To renovate the interiors with tiles, you need to hire professionals with skills to rejuvenate your walls’ appearance. 

Tiles could be used on the walls of your bedroom, living and other spaces too. In such cases, special designer tiles (3’x6’; 4’ x 8’) , or Terracotta tiles etc could be used. They can make a sea change in the look and feel of the space. 

Fresh Wall Paint 

Wall paint is the most basic and easy-to-implement option for walls. Some options could be, change in the texture of the paint, the colour, and the quality of fluid. We could narrow down your choices depending upon your mood, budget, space, and family choices. Wall colours serve the purpose of decoration, renovation, and protection. So, choose the one that either creates calmness and serenity or evokes creativity and optimism.  

Wall Claddings

These are the panelling types that you need to choose and install in the walls to amplify the look of your interiors. The cladding can have an impact on the building’s value and safety apart from making the interiors decorative and attractive. Various types of stone were conventionally popular, but today’s options are vast: ceramics, Corian, zinc, corton steel, copper, concrete fibre boards, and LED facades, to name a few. Cladding, when used creatively and wisely, is an excellent way to imprint your style.


Wallpaper is perhaps the most popular way to redefine your interior walls. Available in myriads of options, from simple paper to 3D photo wallpaper, they can cater to the diverse needs of people. Change them to suit your tastes and occasions. Let each room in your house tell a different story. Being affordable, convenient and artistic, they are the next best solutions to your classy and beautiful homes. However, the process of wallpapering the walls requires professional aid and therefore, always hire an experienced person.

Hope these tips will help you understand the right way to choose the right option for your walls within your stipulated budget. So, go ahead with the option you like to transform the interiors according to your desires! At Colonelz, you can get the right interior renovation assistance from experienced professionals. For any query related to interior designing or renovation, you can reach us anytime. You can even get free assistance from our team of experts.