Basic concept of office space has undergone a sea change, specially in the last decade. From standardised monotonous space, with a never-ending cubical collection, it has become a vibrant, lively place. We recommend and design offices which are an apt amalgam of work efficiency suited for optimum physical & mental efficiency, while retaining administrative ease. Aim is to foster employees’ creativity and productivity, while ensuring their comfort and wellbeing. 

This transition of offices from a formal space to a more informal and open environment has certain positive effects on the overall well-being of people working there. The design of traditional offices and modern offices differ a lot. These are discussed below along with follow some modern-office designing tips to boost productivity. 

  1. Open-Space: It does not matter how much space you have, just try to keep it more open. It means that you must not restrict the area with cubical and more desks. Try to keep the layout open so that the employees can better communicate and collaborate. Open layouts always give a better and more friendly feel to employees. Hence, the open working spaces always foster creativity. 
  2. A Private Room for Peace and Idea Generation: Do not forget to create a private space or private room in the corner of the open area. Employees may need this space when they feel like being in a quiet room to think of better ideas. Design this private room with interior ideas that can uplift the mood of employees. Having some privacy while feeling low is one of the most needed things in a working space. 
  3. Minimize Interference: Make sure that you cut the outside noise for employees to enhance their creativity, productivity, and focus. For minimization of noise, you can use acoustic doors, windows, and walls. Also, keep such couches and chairs that make no noise while sitting. You can also integrate wall partitions to minimize interference and make your ceilings sound-proof. Minimizing noise and interference allows employees to stay focused for a longer period.  
  4. Quality and Comfortable Furniture: The furniture is very crucial to keep employees engaged and productive, and it contributes a lot to their level of satisfaction. Ensure that you go for high-quality and modern furniture which is comfortable for the employees to sit and work throughout the day. Try to add bright and soft furniture, to give home-like comfort to employees while they are at work. Prioritizing employees’ wellbeing while designing your office space can keep productivity and efficiency as high as possible. 
  5. Reflect the brand: Always ensure that the design of your office reflects you and your brand. It would be even better if you do it with creativity. Be as much unique as you can while incorporating the brand name on either the walls or anywhere in the office to attract your clients when they visit the working space. You can creatively print your logo somewhere even inside or write positive quotes on the walls which spreads positivity and reflects the work you do. You can also get your cabins designed as per the working themes of different teams. 

Follow the above tips and office design ideas for your working space. We hope you get the right design suiting your employees’ vibes and your brand. You can contact the professionals at Colonelz to renovate or redesign your professional space and reap the benefits of improved productivity. For more information, give us a call right away!