With the advent of smart technology, turning your space into an energy-efficient haven is much more easily achievable than ever! Apart from reducing your electricity costs, an energy-efficient home has emerged as one of the most effective systems to limit carbon emission and pollution.

A home can be called energy efficient when it consumes lesser energy and eliminates wastage of electricity without compromising on the resident’s quality of life. Unlike often believed, one doesn’t have to splurge, to make your home an energy-efficient space.

Here are some simple ways you can make your home energy efficient.

  1. Window Placement

Windows in the northern direction illuminate your space with soft, filtered light all day long. The light that comes through a northern window is not as harsh as the light that comes through southern windows. So, northern windows are favored by our designers as also Vastu Shastra alike, in the tropical climate of India. Windows to the eastern and western sides of the home ensure that the space stays illuminated all day long. Plan your window placement well to reduce the need for artificial lights when the sun is up.

  1. Call for curtains

We all know curtains elevate the aesthetics of the room and enable privacy. Did you know that you can use curtains to keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter? It all depends on the curtains you choose.

Traditional vetiver curtains (chik) should bedampened before hanging, to keep your home cool during the hot Indian summer. You can also make an aromatic spray by adding a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottled filled with water. Spray the curtain with fragrant water. Forget about air conditioning and revel in the cool, aromatic air that comes through these simple curtains.

Invest in quality insulating curtains to stop the cool or warmth from escaping your home through the windows. The thick curtains also stand as a barrier to chilly winter air and prevents it from getting into your home. Thus, reducing the need for heaters.

  1. Keep it Light and Bright

Walls painted in light pastel shades of white reflect a lot of light. It makes a room feel more lit up even with fewer lighting fixtures or natural light. You can also use reflective surfaces like a mirror to create illuminating reflections. This is most effective when you place the mirror opposite the light source.

  1. Keep the Roof Cool

Roofs get extremely hot during summers which makes our homes very hot, leaving with no option but to use the air conditioner more frequently. Science taught at Middle School level, could be innovatively used to tackle this problem. Paint your roof with reflective white paint meant for the roofs.This process is known as “cool roofing” in architecture. Instead of absorbing the sun’s heat, the white paint will reflect it. Thus, keeping your home cooler and keeping your electricity bills lower.

  1. Plant Deciduous Trees  

Deciduous trees remain lush green and leafy during summers and lose their leaves during winters. What a way nature has planned. Plant them in your homes  – get cool shade during summers and sunlight passes through easily during winters.

Some deciduous trees in India are –

  • Neem
  • Sal
  • Red Sandalwood
  • Gulmohar
  • Curry  tree

An energy-efficient home keeps on giving. So, what’s stopping you from reaching us for a professional job that will save you money every month?