The Cosmos is in constant state of motion. It makes everything in the universe vibrate at its unique frequencies. When things of varying vibrations come within proximity, they gradually start to vibrate together at the same frequency. This is not metaphysics, it is physics.

Owing to the unique molecular structure of crystals, they exude healing synchronous vibrations that enhance physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. Although, science is yet to find the profound impact of crystals on our emotional well-being, alternative medicine, and interior sciences have been using them for thousands of years.

We would discuss here as to how to make the most of crystals, to create spaces that reverberate with good vibes (quite literally!).

Banish negativity from your door with Black Tourmaline.

Black tourmaline is quite popular for its purifying and protective metaphysical properties. If your mind is often clouded with negative, anxiety-inducing thoughts or your kids are plagued with nightmares, you know it is time to welcome the grounding energy of black tourmaline.

Best place to keep? Place a black tourmaline bunch at the entrance of your home. Hang it outside the door. Make sure to clean the door now and then with pure water and salt.

Invoke the power of love with Rose Quartz

Whether you are single, seeking self-love, want to reignite the love between you and your partner, or just maintain a happy relationship with your loved ones, rose quartz is worth a shot. The beautiful pink crystal which looks absolutely exquisite is believed to open the heart chakra releasing the power to love deeply and unconditionally.

Best place to keep? Always keep your rose quartz in pairs. It is best kept in the southwest direction of your bedroom to attract positive energy and healing. You can also place the crystal on each leg of your bed frame.

Create a bubble of relaxation with Amethyst

The royal tones of purple in an Amethyst Geode can brighten up the look of any space with its presence. Amethyst is connected to your crown chakra and is believed to invigorate your consciousness. Its high spiritual vibrations clarify the mind of negativity and promote relaxation. The third eye which is the repository of divine wisdom can be opened with amethyst.

Best place to keep? Place an eye-catching amethyst geode on your coffee table in the living room to create a calming aura. You can also place it with a pair of rose quartz crystals to balance the yin and yang energy of your home.

Citrine for the lazy crystal lovers

Citrine is one of the very few crystals that do not absorb negative energy, thus it does not require regular cleaning. Citrine, with its vivid play of orange, brown, and yellow tones, is believed to represent the earth element in Feng shui. The gorgeous crystal activates the sacral chakra and helps with manifestation. It attracts wealth and abundance into your home while releasing creative energy.

Best place to keep? Display the Merchant’s stone in the southeast direction of your home. You can also place it over cash boxes or boxes holding valuable to unleash the power of abundance.

We at Colonelz, is well versed with the impacts of crystals and their suitable placement to enhance your space, both in terms of vibrations and aesthetics. Want to give your home a positive makeover? We are just a call away!