Art Deco is one of the most influential styles of the 20th century, which can be easily adapted to suit any kind of interior. This style re-imagines contemporary art and gives an alluring decor in a luxurious style. Creating an Art Deco interior requires you to think bold and magnificent.

Being elegant, functional and modern, this style can be dated back to the 1920s. Adding a touch of old school glamour and flair, Art Deco is perfect for creating a contemporary space. You can incorporate the following ideas if you wish to create an aesthetic looking Art Deco inspired interior:


Pair or punctuate colours with high shine silver, chrome or black accents. You can also go with hues like greens, reds, yellows, blues and pinks. For a space like living room, dining room or bedroom – include cream and beige shades. If you have polished wood or lacquered furniture, stick to neutral colours. Linear accents in gold also make for a very aesthetic looking Art Deco interior.


For creating an Art Deco inspired interior, choose furnishings which are:

  • Large in scale
  • Streamlined in silhouette
  • Lacking intricate detailing or frills
  • Luxurious and glossy
  • Reflective in finish

For the wood of the furniture, you can consider ebony, walnut maple or ash. Materials like ivory, brass and mother of pearl also give a feel of luxuriousness from the craftsmanship involved. Brushed bronzes with geometric shapes are a perfect pick for creating a rich Art Deco interior. The furnishings can be accessorized with throw cushions in a geometric print for an elevated look.


You can get experimental with animal prints. Inspired by upholstery fabrics like leather and velvet, you can include shark skin and zebra skin. Lean towards solid colours or textiles with streamlined and geometric shapes. Furniture with solid, contrasting blocks of colour can also be considered.


The ornate style of interior design in Art Deco style brings luxurious elegance to your space. Wood flooring with simple inlays create a shape such as a sunburst. Crafted from renewable and sustainable materials, linoleum flooring is an eco-friendly flooring type. Bringing together complementing colours, this decor style highlights the prevalence of geometric shapes. The Art Deco flooring is a statement of simplicity. 


Characterizing a particular decor type by lighting fixtures is one of the most eye-catching ways to amp up your space. Art Deco requires the following fixture design elements in the interior:

  • Silhouettes with minimal detailing
  • Clean aerodynamic modern lines
  • Shades made of etched glass or chrome
  • Shades with fanned-out shapes


Small elements like fixtures, fittings, door handles and switch panels are a great way to deck up your Art Deco style interior even more.  Ornate mirrors can also be added to make your space look more polished.

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