Money begets money. For a business to be successful, apart from money, Luck is important. It gets aided by an aura which helps create prosperity. It is extremely important to have a suitable positive vibrance at the business place, for the Businessmen, the employees, and the clients. One of the ways of achieving this is by the use of Feng Shui; a 3000-year-old Chinese art and science meaning “wind and water”. It is very effective in spreading and promote positive vibes. There are certain must have Feng Shui essentials for a business’ success.

For Luck

  • The Laughing Buddha

In Feng Shui, it is known as the “Buddha of Happiness”. This is said to be the luckiest charm for business. The Buddha loves to see peoples’ worries go away. It brings wealth, joy and abundance in the place where it is kept. If you wish to display one, go for the one with a large belly to rub. Rubbing the belly is said to fulfil your wishes. The larger the belly, the more auspicious the Buddha. For efficient work environment and wealth growth, place the Laughing Buddha on your office desk or in the Southeast direction of your workplace.

  • Ox Statue

In the Chinese zodiac, the OX is one of the most loved signs. It is said to possess the following qualities which attract good luck to a business:

  • Faithfulness
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Profound loyalty
  • Justice
  • Reliability
  • Strength

If you plan to place an Ox Statue in your business place, place it on a bed of coins in the Northwest section of your office.

For Wealth

  • Money Frog

A lot of Feng Shui experts claim that a money frog significantly attracts wealth. It is available in both, gold and porcelain. However, it is advised to go for the gold one. The statue of this frog is depicted as sitting on coins with one coin in its mouth. Display it on the Northern side of your business space or near the entrance. Make sure it always faces inward.

  • Bagua

A Bagua is a Chinese religious motif denoting the balance of yin and yang. Hanging a Bagua above your entrance door signifies the flow of positive energy. It is octagonal in shape and indicates eight essential areas of our lives like health, family, wealth, abundance, marriage and love to name a few. It has a mirror in the centre which acts as a dream catcher. The mirror traps and absorbs any negative energy while the octagon spreads positive energy.

For Prosperity

  • Lucky Cat

A lot of business outlets have the statue of this lucky cat smiling and waving at customers. You can put it at a suitable place, maybe near the entrance or near the cashier.

  • Incense Sticks

These drive away evil spirits and negative energy. A wide variety of incense sticks are available. However, businessmen generally tend to pick the red ones for attracting prosperity, luck and wealth.

Feng Shui will definitely fetch you good results over time. They aide Business growth. Our Team at Colonelz, design your business place in a manner that it is Feng Shui friendly. Visit our website to know more about the expertise we hold in providing a client need specific architecture.