As a Principal, we at Colonelz don’t use Chinese material. However, deriving from Chinese learning is a different ballgame. Feng Shui is not like the Cunning Communist China we know. Its a great 3000 year old art and science, meaning “wind and water”. The Chinese culture associates both wind and water with good health. They are said to spread and promote positive vibes. From studies to professional success to happy marriage – Feng Shui tips come in handy in every aspect of life.

Marriage is an Institution, which needs whole hearted participation by both. Couples need to constantly keep working towards it to keep it smooth. Time, the greatest healer, is also the cause for losing the zing in each other. Romance, an extremely important constituent of a successful marriage tends to fade with time. Marriages must be able to withstand the test of time.

We bring to you, 4 Feng Shui tips that could help you lead a happier married life:

  • De-clutter

Clutter signifies chaos and disorder. A cluttered room symbolizes a cluttered mind, absolutely avoidable in married life. Remove all clutter from the bedroom. This will channel the energy flow inside the house properly. Keeping unnecessary things at bay also brings closure to the past and keeps any negative energies away.

  • Beds – Rock or Rocking

A bed is an essential part of a couple’s bedroom, specially for the newly weds. It can rock your marriage, or make it a Rocking marriage. According to Feng Shui, getting the right arrangement and atmosphere inside the bedroom is very important. The bed should:

  • Be accessible from all directions, at least 3.
  • Should not be pushed to a corner of the room.
  • Not be placed directly under light beams.
  • Not be oversized.
  • Should not be below a RCC Beam.

Couples should never sleep with their feet pointed towards the door. Mirrors should not be placed on either side of the bed. Best directions for the head while sleeping, are East & South.

  • Natural Vibrance- Use Decorative Plants

Flowers symbolize love, life and beauty. Decorating the bedroom with small flowering plants / bushes is a great idea. However, they should be placed only in the South West.

If you can’t take care of real plants, go in for plants made of silk. If you plant real flowers, make sure you water them regularly and periodically remove dead leaves. Avoid any kind of thorny or prickly plants like cactus.

  • Choose Appropriate Colours

In Chinese metaphysics, colours are said to have a certain significance in creating a harmonious home. The five natural elements are represented by different colours.

For the newly weds, Pink or light shades of red are deemed best for the bedroom. It is good for other couples too, as these represent love and romance. You can have curtains and bed sheets in the same colour palette too. One could restrict the use of colours like white and light blue, as these project cold and clinical look and feel.

Marriage is a life long commitment for the success of which,  couples have to make concerted efforts. It is very important to keep the romance alive. Do not complicate your married life by creating an atmosphere that channelizes negative energy around you. These Feng Shui tips will help create a better environment for you and your spouse.

An average human spends almost 25 years of his life sleeping, i.e., in their bedroom.

Our Professionals at Colonelz consider all Feng Shui tips, while creating your bedroom, to help you channelize positive energy. Looking forward to partnering with you.