“The furniture is an exercise in architecture or architectural mood”- Ettore Sottsass

Furniture matters a lot when it comes to designing a space. It is always necessary to consider the essential aspects before choosing the right furniture. There was a time when Indians used to have furniture handed down through generations, and they were embedded in the fondest memories. It was a period when furniture used to hold value due to the material used and workmanship. However, in today’s day and age, furniture is largely produced with low-quality material such as Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or engineered wood. The Indian markets are flourished with cheap & stylish home and office furniture. However, cheap things are not always the best. 

They say, ‘only an artist knows the value of the art’ and this perfectly fits in the case of interior designers who know the bits and pieces of furniture designing and making. So, that is why our team of Interior designers curated some valid points why you should choose the best furniture rather than the cheaper one. Take a look! 

Cheap is always ‘Cheap’

The markets are filled with cheap & stylish home and office furniture. However, cheap things are generally not the best. The class of furniture is characterized by the quality, strength, and longevity of the material used. There is strong prima facie evidence that we tend to buy products that are cheaply available rather than getting insight into the material used. MDF and engineered wood are aesthetically pleasing and sturdier and have become the undisputed leader due to their high customizability in the furniture-making industry. However, they are prone to infestations & damages. 

Service Life is Limited

Low-cost furniture is aesthetically pleasing and lightweight but can’t withstand rough/sustained usage. They are not apt for adding value to your home due to their limited-service life and poor strength. To avoid getting duped only to start looking for fresh furniture six months to one year down the line. 

No Standard Size and Dimensions

Companies manufacturing cheap furniture do not adhere to the set guidelines associated with quality & standardization. The craftsmen are untrained random people pulled out from local nooks & corners and are assigned a job to which they barely fit in. This is the prime reason behind the dearth of standardization in cheap furniture. On the other hand, premium & luxury furniture is the magnum opus of craftsmen who have a plethora of experience in furniture-making and are well-acquainted with the international standards. 

Poor Finish

Finishes could be the apt giveaway when spotting the difference between premium and cheap furniture. Class of polish or varnish used & workmanship can be the tell-tale signs to differentiate between them. Do check whether the joins are properly oriented and placed. Certainly, you will feel that cheap furniture does not give a quality feel and look. 

Cheap Hides Details

Indian markets are flooded with furniture that is available at a very meagre price but they don’t provide many details about the material used. You can’t see the wood underneath the upholstery. To make them budget-friendly for customers, the furniture is made of packing wood or low-quality wood-like Kikar, Mango & the likes. On the other hand, the premium furniture is detailed with high quality of Seasam, Teak, Sangwan, etc. They can last for ages. You will surely miss inculcating the shelf-life cost while buying the cheap furniture. 

At Colonelz, we not only make, but we design what we commit. We aim to design beautiful and well-crafted furniture that lasts for a longer time. We are a leader in customizing iconic designs. We have a team of expert designers who attend to the “Aur Dikhao” trend and have curated a plethora of designs & material options to choose from that can be customized as per your needs.

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