“Good buildings come from good people, and all problems are solved by good design.”- Stephen Gardiner

Among the million dreams of a person, owning a house is the special one. Constructing, renovating, or doing up the interiors of a house is not as simple as it may seem on papers.

Indian Real Estate Industry is one of the Most Unorganised Sectors in the country, and its input material has the largest varieties as compared to any industry. Budgeting, costing, analysis are all impossible for a non-professional. A minor fault in design or construction can cost you a fortune or worries of a lifetime. This Industry doesn’t work as per books. Enforcing the Contract is a gigantic task. Instead of hiring professional designers or architects, many go for some local, petty contractors. Apart from progressive cost escalation & quality mismatch, post completion service is always missing. Some of the reasons why one should prefer professional and qualified designers over petty contractors are elucidated. Have a look!

  1. Magnum-Opus Designs: A Professional designer plans the design not as per your or her perception, but as per your ideas and needs, best suited to your requirements, with Professional mindset. Your likes, thoughts, dreams, lifestyle, space, and budget, all need to be intricately & beautifully meshed to get the Zing you have been looking for and desired. For the believers of Vastu Shastra, it is suitably incorporated. Most importantly, every plan they make is Unique & not a Copy – Paste.
  2. Cost Optimization: Biggest folly in thinking is that the Designers are Costly and Local Contractors cheap. A professional designer would help you select the best-in-class, long-lasting material at a reasonable price that won’t be a burden on your budget. They add real value in the long run. In contrast, contractors would persuade you to purchase material from their known dealers at a higher price and have their share in profits. The material may deteriorate in a few months, making you spend more than you save by hiring them over professionals. As an example, you can have easier to handle Teak finish furniture, without teak wood and almost at half or one third the cost. A lay man would never be able to distinguish it from Teak.
  3. Better Functionality of the Space: Ernst Neufert in his book, Architect’s Data, gives out the sizing and spacing of and in between 2 objects. Using such data precludes the problem of congested or claustrophobic spaces being created. Only a professional designer understands the space and its functionality as well. Contractors’ perceptions can never do justice to the space. A designer can make even a tiny apartment looks spacious while a contractor can make a large area asphyxiated. We could create a Lawyer’s office of 150 sft which had his chamber, meeting space, 3 men workstation and pantry, without compromising on the visual open feel.

  1. Better Understanding of Construction Material: Architects and designers are aware of the materials’ quality, properties, and their effect on human behavior. They suggest only those materials that have stood the test of time and weather. They help in optimizing the cost and generally save you up to 15% of the overall budget by advising you to select the ideal material which a local contractor can’t.

  1. Better Durability and Long-lasting Aesthetics: No matter how experienced the local contractors are, they lack understanding of the durability, service life of the material, and chromatics. They might end up ruining the house’s ambiance and stunning appearance. Designers, on the other hand, are wizards for enhancing the aesthetic of your dream house.

  1. Design Meshing & Syncing. One often sees a costly space being loaded with exclusive & expensive material, but all out of sync, lacking symmetry or comfort. Alignment of furniture and civil works is vital. You can’t have a Bar of 1 mtr expanse with 4 Bar stools. The type and color of Lights depend on the usage. These are beyond the realms of uneducated or architecturally uninitiated.

  1. Multiple Windows. Most of us have experienced the frustrations while dealing with the Govt bodies. One of the reasons is that there are multiple agencies, and each would blame the other for delays and cost escalation. You get the same feeling when several Petty Contractors are involved in your Interiors or construction. A One Stop Shop always is great for Peace of Mind, while being professional and answerable.

These are some of the crucial reasons to avoid local contractors, the list is quite exhaustive. Designing cost is a tiny fraction of the overall construction cost. So why opt for untrained local contractors and burn your hard-earned money.

At Colonelz, we have a team of highly trained and experienced designers that could draft your dream designs as per your requirements. Visit our website for more information and get the best-in-class designing and architectural services from us.