One is often pained to meet unsuspecting Friends (specially Faujis), taken for a ride by some Builder or the other including some very high ranking people.

Some of the basic principles you must  follow are:

  • In money matters, no friends. Its business and not charity. No faith, just go by black and white.
  • Not all that shown in the Brochures are true, as they are in 2 dimension & virtual, whereas the promise is in 3 dimension & Real.
  • Seeing is believing, so see the Proposed Sight, Property papers, Land registration, government clearances etc.
  • MUST visit at least two properties made by the Builder, interact with the Resident users & you will come to know of the Truth.
  • Read Complain Forums of the Builder before buying. Check No of cases pending against the builder. I know of a Builder Promising Moon, but having more than 200 litigations- none from the moon.

Anyone needing help in my friend Circle, pl feel free to contact. Its Your money, don’t donate to a Cheater Builder.

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