“Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.”

John Ed Pearce

Purchasing a home, while being very exciting, is also an extremely tedious experience. There are truck loads of options in the market, but not much information about them. To help you tide over your delusions & worries, we have created a 10 point checklist to rate the properties you are interested in, so as to help you take an informed decision.

Check It Before You Cheque It!

Before you decide to invest all your Green (or should I say Pink) Bucks, take a step back and get informed. Check the following before taking your Call.

  • Builder Related

Credentials of the builder– Make sure you do some research on the builder. Find out about a previous/old project done by the builder and pay a visit. You are likely to get similar Property & Services. Talk to the residents, get a feedback on the following:

  1. Condition of the Building, to include Sanitary & Plumbing fittings, Furnishing, Plaster work.
  2. Paint, Polish & state of walls & furnishings quality
  3. Sewage issues & Seepage problems

Amenities– State of maintenance & upkeep of Club, Sports facilities, Banquet halls, lawns, pathways, etc.

Maintenance & Security- While visiting the old project judge the security and over all cleanliness of the society. Find out how efficient is their waste disposal system.

Air & Lighting- Better ventilated property is more naturally lit & reduces electricity bills.

Price– Its Basic Price (BSP) & allied costs like Maintenance etc. Compare it with Similar Quality societies nearby.

  • Location. Extremely Important. General location (like next to NH, means high noise level) & specific location (park facing –so good view).
  • Connectivity– See it to believe it. Proximity to schools, bus stations, your work place, etc., as travelling relates to your fuel / travel costs.

Dwarka Expressway property buyers are stuck as road construction is stuck due to litigation. Avoid options where a road is to come up in the next 6 months, because it may not come up in the next 10 years.

    • Resale Potential-
    • Higher Occupancy of new flats means better Resale chances & value.
  • Enquire from Local brokers for resale price. Remember, they will praise the property on which they are likely to earn more –take it with a pinch of salt. Compare with prices of properties in the vicinity; would help you judge the market reputation of the property you are interested in.
  • Right Price– If you are selling, ask Brokers for Purchase Price & vice versa. Average the Sale & Purchase costs offered by Brokers. This is probably the Market price of the property.
  • Road Conditions Around Property –Must check the road condition & lighting, at least up to 500 meters from the project;  the condition of the roads as well as the lighting on the road.
  • Rental Potential- Often one buys a house for self use, but later changes his mind. Before investing in a house, find out the rental value. Annual rent of a house should be 2-4% of the total cost of the property.
  • Young Investor.  If you have a transferable job, or are planning to use the house a decade or later, most important aspect is – Is it likely to give Good returns on sale? 70% people change their mind in a decade or so, as to where to settle. So your Investment should be able to get you a property at the Place You Finally Decide to Settle.

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