The term “Biophilia” was coined by social psychologist and philosopher, Erich Fromm to describe the innate human desire to commune and associate with nature and other forms of life. Biophilic architecture or design incorporates elements inspired by nature, natural materials, patterns, and phenomenon to connect residents with nature. 

The approach has been found to have a profound psychological and physiological impact on us that is manifested through – 

  • Higher productivity and well-being at the workplace 
  • Quicker healing 
  • Dramatic reduction in stress and associated illnesses 
  • Improved cognitive functions

Categories of Biophilic Designs 

There are 3 distinct approaches that designers adopt to execute biophilic designs. 

  1. Nature in Space: Elements such as plants, animals, water, air, light, natural ecosystem, and sensorial stimuli are incorporated directly into the space. It is the corporeal presence of nature in a space. 
  2. Natural analogies: symbolic references and indirect evocation of nature are introduced into the space for a sensorial experience and psychological stimulation. Furniture, décor, artwork, textiles, and arrangements emulate colors, textures, shapes, sequences, and patterns found in nature.
  3. Nature of the Space: designers mimic the spatial configuration found in nature like expansive spaces, a mild sense of risk (like stepping stones), and a refuge that offers protection and sensorial relief. 

7 simple ways to incorporate biophilic design elements into your home 

  1. A gushing water element 

It could either be a small fountain or a colossal pool with an artificial waterfall, including a water element into your space. It acts as visual, tactual, and auditory stimuli to bring residents close to nature. An aquarium is also a highly effective way to incorporate nature into a space. 

Avoid stagnant water! They are a breeding ground for infectious bloodsuckers – mosquitoes. And, encourages the growth of algae which is a pain to clean. 

  1. Flood of natural light 

Apart from being the most potent source of vitamin D, sunlight also has a significant impact on our circadian rhythm (which is under severe threat during this digital age). Make sure your home has large windows that flood your space with natural sunlight. Use classic sheer curtains or smart shades that do not block sunlight. 

  1. Play up your furniture 

Incorporating furniture that has organic, fluid shapes is not just chic and modern but also brings us close to nature. Make sure that your furniture is made of natural materials like bamboo or wood and, shows off the material in its most natural form, without much processing or treatments. 

  1. Hexagonal tiles 

Apart from being a raging trend in 2021, hexagonal tiles mimic the shape of honeycombs and are a famed representative of the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio. The Fibonacci sequence is found abundantly in nature. 

Some of the other patterns worth your attention are – 

  • Stripes 
  • Cracks 
  • Waves 
  • Spirals 
  • Tessellations
  1. Ventilation is vital 

Ensure that your home or office has impeccable mechanical ventilation. Efficient fenestration calls for our architecture experts. The right window placement is the key to temperature control and cheaper energy bills. 

  1. A wild playlist 

It won’t be a struggle to include the sounds of rustling leaves or a gushing stream into your surroundings. It takes one YouTube search to transcend you into the middle of a thriving forest. Play is twice or thrice a day if playing it every 20 minutes is not feasible for you. 

  1. Greenify 

Last but not the least, plants are the simplest way to create the feel of nature in your home. Apart from using low-maintenance indoor plants such as areca palm, snake plant, syngonium, spider plant, and like, make an effort to include plants that attract bees and butterflies such as marigold, hibiscus, oregano, geranium, and like. 


As we welcome urbanization, we move further away from nature. Biophilic architecture is a way to bridge the gap between nature and humans. For the ultimate biophilic makeover, contact Colonelz right away.