Believe it or not, the heart of your home is a fizzing pot of energy. Vastu Shastra – the ancient Indian spatial science – focuses on harnessing the positive vibes from your kitchen and transmitting it into the other spheres of your life. A kitchen that’s Vastu compliant is not only a supremely hygienic space to cook up meals, but is also considered to –

  • Welcome abundance into your home
  • Boost health and wellbeing of the family members
  • Aid in the resolution of family feuds.

So, we are here with a few tips and tricks from our interior experts to help you build a Vastu – friendly kitchen.

Let’s get started already!

  1. The power of placement

According to the Vastu scriptures, Agni Dev, or the Hindu Lord of Fire lives in the Southeast location of your home. It’s considered to be the best position to build your kitchen as a homage to Agni Dev. Your fire source in the kitchen, whether it is your gas stove, induction, or microwave oven, is best placed in the Southeast direction. Place the cooking hob is a way that one has to face the East while cooking for best health. It is considered inauspicious to place the hob at the very entrance of the kitchen.

Lord Kubera – The Lord of Wealth, resides in the Northern direction of your home. So unless you want to set your wealth on fire, it is best to avoid building your kitchen in this location.

  1. Don’t let elements mingle

The kitchen is the principal playground for fire and water – the two most essential elements to sustain life. However, one should keep in mind that these are two antagonistic elements. So, they must not clash and must be treated with equal respect and honor.

Build an L-shaped counter for your kitchen. Keep one arm for the hob – the fire element, and the other for your sink – the water element. Water elements like the sink and water purifier are best placed in the Northeast direction of the kitchen. Replace leaky faucets immediately and keep your sink squeaky clean. Try not to dump your used utensils for days.

  1. Air it out

Speaking of elements, Vastu is pivoted in the principle of striking balance and pays special attention to the science of cross ventilation – the element of air. The free flow of air is created by incorporation at least two windows to flush out the steamy hot air and fill the space with fresh cooling air.

Chimneys and exhausts are best kept to the east side of the kitchen to expel out negativity tainted gases and air.

  1. Organize as your life depends on it

Vastu interprets clutter as the biggest Nemesis of peace and harmony in the household. So, keep your kitchen paraphernalia as immaculately organized as possible. Invest in organizers and shelf dividers to make space and organize neatly.

Vastu Shastra is gaining global fame for its thoughtful principles that are now being explored by modern science extensively. Want to give your home a Vastu-compliant makeover, get in touch with our interior experts well-versed in the art and science of Vastu.