This year, the monsoons have hit with amazing ferocity, probably due to the Global Warming. The petrichor soothing our soul and the water droplets resting on the grass blades, mesmerizes one and all. However, once the moisture finds its way into our homes, it becomes a spoil sport. The clogged water on the rooftop or in the compound or open spaces, are a harbinger of diseases and a breeding ground for mosquitoes, as also prelude to contagious water borne diseases. The dampness inside the home gives rise to nasty odour. It takes little time for the season of melody and romance to take a disastrous dirty turn, unless you’re prepared.  

Follow these tips to keep your home shining and hygienic even in the midst of monsoons. 


Getting drenched and entering home, often brings along the avoidable mud and silt along with dripping water, making the home dirty and wet. Worse id when these marks dry up. To avoid this messy situation place a large, absorbent coir mat at the entry of your home. Drain all the water and rub off the dirt outside on the mat. Mats like those of 3M, are also very useful. Step in only after ensuring that your feet are reasonably clean.

This would help keep your premises germ-free and hygienic on rainy days. The humidity and water leakages make the floor slippery. Wooden floors are more susceptible to damage due to stagnant water. Make sure to wipe the floor immediately to avoid significant damage. 


During the monsoons, most of the houses lose their charm owing to the cast of mold, mildew, and moss. The paint chips and flake off easily. This leads to ugly walls and ceilings. Even minute cracks and breakages create enough space for mold to thrive. It’s better to safeguard your walls by waterproofing them. Waterproofing prevents your home from the external damage caused by water.  

3.Furniture care 

High quality wooden furniture is in vogue these days. Creating vintage and artistic wooden decor is trendy and enhances the overall elegance of your comfort space. Upkeep of these can be a tedious task. To keep the wooden articles shiny and intact, avoid their contact with wet clothes and damp walls. 

Clean the furniture with a dry cloth or vacuum. A dry cloth is preferred to wipe off the dust accumulation. The dust tends to absorb the moisture and wiping it off leaves the surface smooth and shiny. 

Polish your furniture frequently with new varnish. Protect your furniture from moisture damage with wood wax. 

4.Refurbishing home linens 

The rainy days don’t let the sunlight flood into your space blissfully. Soaked in the dusky light, your home starts to look dull and bland. Do not pick dark colors for your home linen. To gear up for the monsoons, replace your home linen with bright and vibrant colors like yellow, vivid blue, and bright magenta. It alters your mood dramatically and spreads happy vibes all around. 

In the scientific study of color psychology, color has been found to impact mood significantly. Colors are widely used in holistic treatments. For increasing blood circulation, stimulating the mind and body, red color is the choice. Similarly, blue colors soothe the mind, and yellow boosts the release of happy hormones. 


Water-logging, dampness and leaks emit an unpleasant, musty odour indoors. You can spray some air fresheners inside your home to mask the stale smell. However, it is better to couple it with proper air ventilation to let go of the smell and create a hygienic environment. For a more DIY solution, take two cups of water, add sliced lemons, cinnamon, and rosemary. Bring it to a boil and let them simmer together. Pour the mixture into a jar and place it around the house. For another refreshing fragrance, soak small wooden blocks into your favorite perfumes in a bowl and decorate them around the house. 

The use of dehumidifiers treats odor from the roots by reducing the humidity within your home. 

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