Should Railways have Freight Corridor OR Passenger Corridor – Food for Thought.

There has been a lot of positive development on Upgrading the Railways. The current Passenger Train tracks are severely & adversely affected by Speed Limits due to their Quality & vintage. Repairs / up gradation may cost as much as laying new tracks.

The existing Railway Stations are also constrained for space, accessibility, parking space and are quite unorganized.

Is there a requirement of having a complete new set up of Train lines, maybe spread over a period of 10-15 years, wherein the existing Routes & Stations gradually get replaced by freshly laid next generation tracks, with State of the art Stations coming up. PPP is good option. If DLF can lay Mono Rail, what is wrong in Pvt players in Railways?

The existing lines could be used for Freight, with Freight Stations being developed close to the Bigger / existing Towns / Cities. Imagine the Infrastructure & Job Creation, as also effect on GDP by efficiently speeding up transportation.

If we can have completely new airports at fresh locations, in major cities like Hyderabad & Bangalore, why can’t we have new Railway Stations? It is neither too difficult nor impossible.

A small country like Nigeria shifted its Capital, we can surely take this on.

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