Vastu Shastra is an intrusive science of architecture that encloses the forces that respond to a given space through positive energy flow. It is a study of architectural science that ensures that the property inhabitants are bestowed with peace, happiness, wealth, and success. When followed correctly, the set of Vastu principles attracts positive energy, resulting in the well-being of residents.

Besides other criteria, such as the direction and location of the house, considering the height of an apartment is also essential. In India, the land is limited, and demand remains high due to the increasing population. As a result, developers are constructing buildings or apartments for buyers of all segments. However, after having so many options available, sometimes a homebuyer needs clarification while choosing the floor to buy a house and what Vastu principles they should follow for their apartments on higher floors.

Do Vastu Principles Apply to High-Rise Flats?

People have many queries about the Vastu application for high-rise apartments. Vastu Shastra is applied to all, and when we are discussing tall buildings, there is no specific mention of tall buildings in Vastu Shastra. So how does Vastu apply to flats?

The simple answer is that every plot on which the structure of a building is prepared is studied for Vastu compliance. A flat is also considered to have its own Vastu. A Vastu analysis of both the land and the house is necessary to determine whether ancient science is being followed.

Plot Shape of Housing Unit

While purchasing a new flat, one should check the shape of the plot of the apartment. According to the Vastu, the shape of the plot should be rectangular or square. Ensure that the shape of the land is not tapered, circular or triangular.

Main Entrance

The apartment complex’s entrance should ideally be in the plot’s north or east direction. In addition, the entrance entryway to your apartment should be the largest in the house. It is said to bring good omens if it opens inwards and is a double door.

Location of the Kitchen

If you are buying or even renting a property in a high-rise structure, the location of the kitchen is critical. It should be located outside the northeast or southwest zones of the apartment because the kitchen signifies fire. A desirable position for a kitchen in a flat is sometimes possible. Nonetheless, the occupant should consider positioning the cooking stove in the northwest, south, or southeast corner. Moreover, heavy almirahs or cupboards should ideally be positioned along the south wall of the kitchen.

Vastu for Flat Bedrooms

The best orientation for a master bedroom is southwest. If a bedroom in that direction is not accessible, try to position the bed towards the room’s south wall. Guest bedrooms are thought to be best suited to northwest orientations.

Vastu for Balconies

According to Vastu Shastra, open terraces and balconies of a high-rise apartment play an essential role in regulating energies in the house. These areas provide ventilation and natural light to the home. As a result, their position is critical for energy flow. Your new apartment would be excellent if it had a balcony facing east, northeast, or north. Furthermore, wooden furniture is more favourable than wrought iron furniture.

Vastu Tips for Improving Vastu in Your Apartment

  • The main door should be far from the kitchen range.
  • Your home’s corners should always be neat and well-lit.
  • Avoid buying apartments in housing projects with water bodies in the southwest corner.

A Vastu-compliant dwelling makes people feel at ease and contributes to their well-being and prosperity. With the practical application of Vastu science, one can reap its benefits in high-rise apartments.