In the good old days, one did not have the luxuries available due to modernisation, ie, automation and availability of numerous devices to make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable, specially after a day’s hard work. It was so easy to decide the plan for your interiors for bedroom. With the availability of mind boggling options, many at exorbitant costs, it makes wise sense to take the help of specialists to design your bedroom, ensuring every penny is well utilised. Planning to do it all on your own reminds me of the old adage -’Penny wise pound foolish’.

Let us consider what all ingredients are there in a bedroom of today, which are required to be planned for. The first and foremost is the Bed & the side table, their size, location & what fits to the size of the bedroom. Thereafter come numerous items listed one by one.

Bedside lights, Electrical & power points, for routine and heavy appliances; No and amount of lights, Cove lights, Night lights, their luminosity, location and more.

All lights and electrical equipment today can be automated. Does it suit you- the idea & the cost?

How to handle the curtain rods, ie with false ceiling, or rods, type of drapes suitable for you, blinds, sheers etc.

Handling of walls by texture paint, wall moulding, panelling, wall papers etc.

Furniture like chaise, lounge chair with foot stool etc.

TV Unit, whether wall mount, free standing like a console table or a mix or something with a storage.

AC & Room heater location, their power supply arrangements; what if for some reason water drips from the AC- how to handle it?

Do you want a Nook with a mini bar or a coffee maker? Space for your laptop/ Ipad and associated seating?

Handling the Windows, doors & head side of the bed.

Wardrobe- gents & ladies as also overhead storage, shoe storage etc

Painting / decoratives /furnishings.

As is evident from the above, if not Herculean, it surely is a Good designer’s task to handle all aspects and reach at an optimal solution;- economically, aesthetically, functionally & in terms of maintenance. Some consider Designing cost as a drain. However, you actually save on costs by using the services of a Good Interior Designer in interiors for bedroom. As experts, apart from ensuring a beautiful end state of the space, Designers economically optimise the material usage and guide you, along with suitable advise on reducing costs. So, if you want to get best value for money and a dream space, go ahead and get your bedroom designed to your taste & as per your cost.