Interior designing and human psychology have always been closely connected. In fact, Psychology is part and parcel of all interior designing, so as to customise the space as per your functional and cognitive needs. Our brains associate with colours, shapes, patterns, artistic expressions, and decorative elements; thus, your space is the projection of your soul.  Here we aim to add more to your understanding of how interior designing generates an emotional experience. Some very interesting facts we should explore to understand how crucial is interior designing to your mental health and mood are elucidated. 

Colours Rejuvenate Mood

Every colour has a mood-altering impact on humans. Colour shades of red, orange and yellow are considered warm and elevate creativeness, positivity, and internal energy. Yellow is recommended for the study room as it aids in improving creativity and focus. Emphasising depth, stability, and serenity, umber, grey, and moss green are apt for bedroom walls. In contrast to this, green, purple, and blue have a cooling effect and signify a deception of depth. These colours can be paired with hues of orange to create an illusion of a spacious room. 

Space Planning Gives Soothing Effect

Interior experts tailor your home for proper utilisation of space and add elements like mirrors & doors or windows that create a calming and peaceful effect. It is said that an open space results in an open mind that would bring in positivity in your thoughts and personality while cocooning yourself in a tiny, dark room would affect your mentality by inducing negative thoughts. 

Natural Lighting Replenishes Your Energy

A room drenched in a plenty of natural light can be a mood lifter. Several research studies have proved that sunlight is energising and motivating. People who prefer to stay in dark rooms or are inclined towards artificial light lack vitality, have high anxiety levels and have poor productivity. 

Plants & Flowers Elevates Positivity

Every designer recommends adding natural embellishment in the interiors through indoor plants. They not only are natural air filters but also help in making you centred and relaxed. The fragrance of flowers can be mood-lifting and helps in reducing depressions and negativity. Their aesthetic beauty can have a pronounced calming and relaxing effect on the space while filling you with positive vibes. 

Feng Shui for Reaping Psychological Benefits

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese geomancy that commemorates natural elements, such as wood, water, earth, metal, and fire. Modern interior designers incorporate and infuse them in numerous ways. For instance, candles, lanterns, and a fireplace allow you to add fire to your home interior. Open windows and chimneys make your space breathable. In addition to this, rain showers and deep baths bring in water and give a therapeutic benefit to you. All these facilitate some winds of psychological benefits and bring harmony by providing a blissful, comfy interior space that resonates with your personality and calms your nerve after a long working day. 

To end on a high note, we just want to emphasise that interior designing is not just creating plans and sketches but making you feel safe, protected, and accepted. It’s about making you feel warmed and welcomed when you step into your personal space. If this is not the case, then it’s high time to rethink your home’s interior. 

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