As your parents or loved ones enter their golden years, they become more prone to injuries, even within the house. Keeping them safe by innovative measures or house renovations are advisable. With a few modifications to the bedroom, stairs, furniture layout, and some realigned architectural changes, you can make your living space more convenient for your family’s elderly.

Here are the top 3 tweaks you can make to your home’s decor to help your loved ones prepare for their golden years.

  • Opt for Slip-Resistant Floors

Older adults (over the age of 60) are more prone to slips, trips, and falls. The body becomes more delicate and weaker as it ages, and it loses its ability to maintain a constant balance. Polished ceramic, marble, and tile floors are unsafe for older people. Moreover, the bathroom is a high-risk area for them. So to make this space safer, consider installing anti-slip floors. Pebble tiled floors are generally slip-resistant and can be a good option for your washroom.

  • Make a Well-Lit Home

Decent lighting can make it much easier for the senior people in the house to walk safely. Try to place a window next to the bed so that the bedroom gets plenty of natural light. Make sure that there are multiple bright lights around the house for maximum effect and uniformity in the evenings.

Furthermore, glistening surfaces, such as granite kitchen countertops or gleaming glass tabletops, can cause blinding glares while reflecting the light. So replace them with a matte finish, or use accessories like table mats or runners to minimize the effect.

  • Invest in Higher Bed & Furniture

Low furniture might make it difficult for senior citizens to get up or sit without any support, and therefore, a higher bed is recommended. Select furniture having standard height and avoid on-the-floor diwans or low-seating dining tables. When it comes to their bedroom, a good thumb rule is to look for a bed with a height that helps their feet reach the floor when sitting on the mattress’s edge. Or you can also invest in a thick mattress to raise the height of the bed. Go for a padded headboard that provides superb cushioning to rest against comfortably.

Colonelz: We Help You Make Your Place Safe for Your Loved Ones

Small details in furniture, décor, and lighting around the house make a significant difference in the elderly’s safety and quality of life. At Colonelz, we fulfill the commitments related to the interior we make. We aim to create beautiful designs and furniture that are timeless and safeguard your loved ones. We offer a wide range of services from construction to interior design, architectural services, and modern executive/designer furniture. If you want to make your place safe for your seniors, reach us today and get assistance in a jiffy.