Most of us would have come across lucrative advertisements talking of 11-12% Guaranteed returns on your investments in Real Estate – mostly in Commercial Property like Offices / Shops etc. When Banks etc are giving you just 6-8% returns, why is The Builder ready to give so much more. Its simple Finance.

There are one or more of the reasons below:

  • The Banks lend only up to a limit, which is decided by various factors. They mainly dwell at high probability of recovery of the loan in case of default.
  • If the Builder wants more money, he goes to the Non Structured / Grey market, where he pays much more by way of Interest.
  • Due to his payment capability / track record, Financial Institutions are not lending to him.

The most important point to consider is the credibility & reliability of the Proposer. Even in marriage, we commit a lot but many forget them soon enough. His commitments to you are supposedly sacrosanct, but in Indian Context, its debatable.

Hence, please don’t be swayed by mouth watering offers. Follow the dictum – ” Anything which is too Good, is Bad”.

If you really wish to have a better return, go in for Reputed & Good Listed Companies issuing such Debt Instruments. These could be bought on line in demat form. Your money matters. Safe & Happy Investing is very important. For more details, Visit our website:

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