When it comes to a property investment, home owners are generally particular about auspicious days and performing a grihapravesh, before moving in and Colonelz are the top residential architects among all.

We examine the importance of this ceremony and also the points to contemplate. Indians are generally particular about shubhmuhurats, when it comes to buying a property or shifting to a new house. They believe that performing arts a grihapravesh ceremony on an auspicious day, can bring them fate. A grihapravesh ceremony is performed, once one enters a replacement home for the primary time. “It is vital, not only for the owner however additionally for the whole family. All the residential home architects are the skilled those who can give the perfect.

According to Vastu, a home is created of 5 components – the sun, earth, water, hearth and wind and also the correct alignment of those components in a very house, brings happiness, good health and prosperity. “It is believed that coming into a home throughout an auspicious time, makes life simple and there’ll be minimum struggle for the family, once entering into the new house.

Days that are most favourable for such muhurats are VasantPanchami, AkshayaTritiya, GudiPadwa, Dussehra (also known as Vijayadashmi), while days like Uttarayana, Holi, Adhikmas and ShraddhaPaksha are to be avoided,” adds Dhamani. A house warming performed on Dussehra does not even require an auspicious time, as every moment of this day is considered auspicious.

Before the grihapravesh, a kalashpooja is sometimes performed. For this ritual, a copper pot is full of water and 9 kinds of grains and a coin area unit placed in it. A coconut is placed on the pot and one enters the house with it, in the middle of the intonation of mantras by a priest. The grihapravesh ought to be done, only if the new home is prepared for the family to shift into it and reside. “The house should be fully done up. It ought to be freshly painted and also the roof ought to be prepared.

The doors, windows and other fittings too, should be complete,” says NitienParmar, a Vastu consultant of VastuPlus.“TheVastuPurush and other deities are worshipped. A toran (originating from the Sanskrit word ‘torana’, meaning the sacred gateway), which is made of fresh mango leaves and marigold flowers, should be hung on the doorway. The temple in the house should be in the north-east zone and should be fixed on day of the house warming,” advises Parmar.The grihapravesh ceremony will be easy or elaborate, depending upon the home owner. Usually, a havan is conducted, to stop the negative forces and negative vibes. A Hindu deity puja, Navagraha Shanti, which means worship of the nine planets and a Vastu puja, are generally performed. One ought to additionally serve food to the monks and family and friends, who are invited on this day. Once the house warming ceremony has been performed, the owners can then move into the new house. Grihapravesh will always be takes place on an auspicious day. The idols ought to be placed in an east-facing direction of the house.