Converting your house into a beautifully decorated home, can be done without stretching financially. Often Money is the main constraint that keeps people from their dreams of having a splendid, breathtakingly beautiful house fructifying. 

Nowadays, the demand for interior design is exponentially increasing in the market, and consequently, the interior design cost is surging like never before. Hiring a qualified interior designer who knows nitty gritty of bringing the interior designing cost within your budget without sacrificing aesthetically, or in quality is desired by all. 

If you intend to limit your budget and then to have an aesthetically great home, read through the strategies listed below, to suitably align the cost of interior decoration. 

Some Great Ways to Alleviate the Interior Design Cost

1.Replace Paint with Wallpapers for your walls

Even though paint is a popular go-to option for most Indian households, wallpapers often impart a better visual treat at a price that doesn’t burden your pocket. Wallpapers give a gorgeous look to the room, catching the eyeballs, and offer the same visual as interior design on the wall. 

2. Use Metal Wall Art Decoration 

Metal wall art or wall decor decoration has gained popularity in interior design as people cherish them in their homes. They are made from simple iron, copper, and wrought iron materials. Some metal wall decors come with glowing LEDs, and a few of them have timeless designs. 

3. Avoid Investing in Extravagant Light Fixture

The market is flushed with exquisite lighting options in various price range. You can always choose the one which suits your budget. One should prefer simple light fixtures rather than complicated ones, which are often expensive. Moreover, you can also go for coloured LED lights that give a vibrant look to your house while being cost effective. Doesn’t it sound cool? Hire Colonelz as your interior designer today!! Our team has numerous more tips to save ample money on interior design without compromising on looks. 

4. Upgrading Furniture Upholstery 

Well thought of upholstery gives a beautiful and elegant look to your house. Furniture tends to elevate the overall look of your interior if planned well. It’s advisable to purchase during the sales at an exclusive discount. During the festival seasons, you can get the best deal. Therefore, rather than purchasing the new furniture, it’s better to change its upholstery only. Doesn’t that sound like a super cost-effective notion?

5. Purchase wicker baskets for storage

A wicker basket is a budget-friendly storage option to keep the kitchen groceries, especially all dry and daily essentials. Buy spacious storage baskets rather than making several cabinets in the kitchen. 

To Sum Up

We can demystify the critical hacks to mitigate the interior design expenses. If you have any interesting ideas, don’t hesitate to share them. If you want personalized suggestions for your interior design project, contact Colonelz. We would love to help you deliver the perfect customized solution following your requirements.