Living in apartments and flats is an easier option for those not willing to take on the pain of building an independent house. However, whatever and whoever be the Housing Society / Builder, one ends up spending at least 10-20% of the purchase cost in remodeling, renovating & upgrading the house, for which too, one needs a good Construction Company In Gurgaon or NCR, it is a tough task to find one, and so is in other cities.

Finding a reliable Construction & Interior Co. needs deliberation and research. One may think, why go for one? Why not do it oneself? Please get this idea out of your mind forthwith. Construction & Interiors industries are amongst the most unorganised sectors and is labour intensive. Uses both, skilled and semi skilled labor. If you plan to take on the job yourself, be prepared to face their uninformed absence, missed dead lines and lack of commitment and other numerous problems. Advantage of hiring a Construction Co. is that it is a One Stop Shop – offering all the services.

A Construction / Interiors Co. handles the complete project, right from Conception to paper works, Govt registrations, designing, procurement, meeting statutory requirements and implementation of the project. In spite of Go Digita pushl, Govt offices related to Real Estate still are Babu dependent. We as a construction Co. assist right our clients, right through. The support we provide include:

  • Guidance in plot search as per your requirements so as to get you the best option. Desire vs pocket.
  • Ensure purchase of a Legally Right property.
  • Getting the brokerage works done.
  • Ensuring right documents and clauses are in the Sale & conveyance deeds and getting the property registered.
  • Our designers design your dream home with detailed, deliberated interactions with all stake holders.
  • Obtain building permits and getting the official works done eg, land demarcation, certification, DPC Cert, OC.
  • Obtaining water, electricity, sewer connection etc.
  • Entire construction work, right from demarcation, excavation, construction, waste management and more.
  • Hiring skilled, semi skilled & unskilled work force, directly / through subcontractors. Our Site Engrs & supervisors, closely monitor the work force and sub contractors, under our direct guidance.
  • We plan and schedule inspections like DPC, Health Deptt, Rain water harvesting, completion and such aspects.

What should you plan on?

  • Work out the Budget. Plan on 90% of all that you can muster. Invariably you would overshoot, as invariably, there will be additions.
  • Decide on the general areas which you find suitable as per your requirements.
  • The brief requirements in the house, ie, 2 BHK, 4BHK, big terrace and so on.
  • Select the best construction to execute your project.

How to select The Best Construction Co.?

One of the most important thing is the products and reputation of the Construction Co. Apart from it, there are a many aspects to consider for selecting the best construction Company .

Scope of Works / Services Covered by the Construction Co.

A Co. which can get you end to end services, ie right from guiding you on property purchase to handing you over the keys of the completed project, is surely better suited. If you involve more Companies, there will invariably be bickering & blame games.

Technicals & Documents

  • Is the Construction Co. updated with the latest Technology being used in that type of construction and in that locality.
  • The Co. must have all the legal requirements for building a house. It must have Local GST and other registrations. This would avoid legal problems mid way.
  • Interact to find out if the construction Co. has constructed a similar project. Experience matters.

Reviews & References

A suitable Construction Co. would surely have its web page, projects done & reviews. Please go through the Web. Preferably, interact with its customers who are in the buildings made by the Construction Co.  Go to the sites they have completed and talk to the residents and neighbors. Discuss timeliness, quality, cost etc.

Documentations & Legalities

A good Construction Co. will help you out with clear and detailed Paperwork. It would give you work samples for review.

In case a high end project, Sample Boards & Material Boards are also recommended. This adds to the Cost.

Billing frequency and stages need to be spelt out. Bills should be as per standard formats, with Co Stamp.

All works’ details, ie Specifications, Quantities, brands options, material details, costs, time lines etc should be discussed & documented in the Contract.

Whatever is discussed, should be communicated after the meeting as a MoM. This prevents bad blood and any manipulation or dispute later.

A detailed Contract document with specs is a must.

Human Interface, Reacheability & Response

A subjective matter but important. The Co rep should be available to handle your calls, queries and worries. The construction Co. Should not be overloaded with projects, or else, yours will suffer. Regular updates and short meetings is very important to be updated on the time lines and status.


Budgeting is very important. Mutually work out a budget and try stick to it. The budget should cover all aspect, including registration, brokerage, Govt fees, light, water connections, furniture & furnishings, etc. Keep 10% for contingencies, as invariably, one wants to add on things during the construction.

The Contract

Read the contract in detail and get yourself clear of the Terms before signing and handing over the contract. It is often advisable to get it Notarized, if not registered.

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