We have always professed, Vastu Shastra is a Science, which helps you in deciding the layout and placing of various spaces and items in it. It should be treated as an aide & not a hindrance. In case of Bedrooms too, we should take informed decisions to orient, locate and place the various furniture & furnishings in a manner that it enables healthy and comfortable living.

Bedroom being one of the most private spaces, positive ambiance, which gives good vibes is of utmost importance. Right from the entrance to the Bed, the furniture, paintings, furnishings, clutter, circulation space, all play a role in deciding your state of mind, which in turn affects your mental well being, resultant behaviour and performance.

Master Bedroom & Other Bedrooms. As per Vastu, best direction of entrance to the house is from the North East. Hence, if you see logically, the South West Corner becomes the farthest place in the house, which ideally should be the location of the Master Bedroom. However, if your entrance is from South South East, the Master bedroom could be in the North West.

South East or North East should be avoided. India is in the Northern hemisphere, where Sun always moves from the Southern Side- Dakshinayan. Hence, a bedroom in the Southern side gives ample sunlight throughout the year. It is therefor good to have the daughter’s room too in the Southeast. Northeast is also suitable for children.

Wall Color- a light colour like off white, baby pink or light cream are ideal. There should not be a beam running over the bed. Bedroom should preferably not have your Temple, except due to space constraints. The attached Toilet should be kept clean and without any foul smell. Its door should be kept shut to avoid negative energy entering the bedroom.

Anything that disturbs the calm of the bedroom has no place here. Hence, no television. If you must have one, make sure it is placed at a reasonable distance from your bed. “The TV screen should not work as a mirror opposite the bed.

Entrance & Bed. Although most people living in flats do not have much option, it is better not to have the entrance to the bedroom from the Head end side of the bed. Nor should the bed be so placed that it is visible from the main entrance of the flat. The head side of the bed should not have a window behind it. Most of us understand the Gravitational field of earth. Direction of your head while sleeping, should therefore be South, West or East, in that Priority. Metal Beds are heavy and not very conducive. Unnecessary weight adds to the negativity. Couples’ beds should have a single mattress (double bed size), as the partition in the mattress hinders your comfort as also, zones them into two beds.

Circulation Space & Clutter. Ideally, 3 ft of space all around the bed is good, however, some compromise could be made, specially on the sides where there is less movement. To achieve a better and open feeling, reduce clutter. The bulky huge teak almirah gifted to your mom by her dad, is best avoided in the bedroom. Too many small furniture spread around, which affect free movement in the bedroom adds to your stress and should be done away with; however beautiful / treasured they may be. Find some other suitable place for them. Some aroma candle etc which emanate good smell is also advisable.

Paintings, Photos, Mirrors, TV, PCs, Mobile. Paintings / picture depicting happiness is recommended. It is always nice to have your beautiful moments in frames in your bedrooms. Wedding pics for younger couples is very suitable. Those depicting fights, war, blood etc are a strict No no. Mirrors in the bedroom should be so placed that they do not reflect your image while lying / sleeping in the bed. TV is best avoided in the bedroom; remember its the Idiot Box – causes addiction. PCs & laptops need to be avoided. Mobiles & PCs cause high electronic stress. The radiations are inimical. Photos of deceased ancestors are also a No.

Lights. The bedroom should have options for having bright light, eg for dressing up; subdued light for relaxing and some minor source of night light, like foot lights, when one is sleeping. However, light exactly above the Bed is best avoided.

Storage. It is normal for bedrooms to have storage for clothes, shoes etc. Ease of use should decide their placing. We need to get over our traditional mindset of keeping anything and everything for ever. Storing old broken Cassettes / CDs, watches, batteries, clocks or dresses and shoes one has not used for ages, add to the negative energy and are a definite discard. Discard all chipped and semi broken items. Reduce the clutter in your cupboards. It adds to your anxiety and feeling of being disorganized. As a Thumb rule, if you do not use a dress / shoe for 2 to 3 years, give it to someone who would use it and bless you.

What Vastu aims is, at your mind. Anything and everything which adds to the peace of mind is generally good Vastu. If the home atmosphere is harmonious, the inhabitants will be happy and resultantly, successful.