Might of Mother Nature is Supreme; what better testimony than the recent natural disasters worldwide. However strong humans may become, nature will continue to wield its supremacy. The ancient science of Vastu Shastra leverages the power of the 5 natural elements to garner peace and harmony into spaces. Often, flaws and deficiencies in the natural elements hinder the Vaastu of a place, resulting in Vaastu Doshas. 

These Vaastu Dosha should be immediately remedied, or they might cause mental stress, bad health and financial losses. Due to various exigencies, it may not be possible to architecturally break down a building or apartment to get rid of the Vaastu Doshas. In such cases, addition or rearrangement of certain objects in the house can be undertaken to remove these Doshas. 

Dosha – Placing the Mirror in the Wrong Direction

Mirrors should never be placed opposite the main door or the bed. They should never have a reflection of these two or else your house will attract all kinds of negativity. Almirahs with mirrors should also be avoided as they tend to bring financial losses.

Remedy – Even if you want a mirror in your bedroom, make sure it does not face your bed. Use a suitable curtain to cover it if changing the direction is impossible. Mirrors can also be placed opposite the lockers in the house to attract wealth.

Dosha – Keeping Broken Mirrors and Dysfunctional Clocks in the House

If you keep a broken mirror in the house, it is highly likely to have a negative effect on all the family members. The broken glass of a clock also triggers negative energy. Dysfunctional or stopped clocks tend to pause the progress of the people staying in the house.

Remedy – Immediately throw away any broken mirror or clock. Repair a clock that has stopped working.

Dosha – Cobwebs- Trapping Prosperity 

Webs anywhere in the house tend to bring physical hardships for family members. They indicate suffering and are also highly likely to make the family members sick.

Remedy – You must regularly keep cleaning all corners of your house to make sure it is free from any webs.

Dosha – Placing Furniture in Direction other than Southwest

Be it in the bedroom or the living room, if the furniture is placed in any direction other than South or West, it hinders the flow of positive energy and the stability of family members.

Remedy – As far as possible, keep the South and West corners of your house heavy with furniture and make sure that they face Northeast. This will help you take better charge of things happening around you in the house.

Dosha – Placing Negative Vastu Plants Indoors

Plants like cactus, bonsai, cotton plant, mehendi plant and bamboo might look fancy and decorative but they are not suitable to be placed indoors, as they tend to bring in negative energy.

Remedy – Replace the negative Vastu plants with lucky Vaastu plants like Tulsi, Money plant or Lotus plant. It will help generate positive energy flow in your house.

Once you have rectified the existing Vastu doshas around you, you can expect a gradual shift from negative to positive energy flow in your house. Do not expect any change to take place overnight because the effect of this correction takes time to reflect. Be patient and see the remedied Vastu doshas work their magic in your house.