Vastu Shastra can be extremely useful during the construction of a new house. Despite some misconceptions, Vastu is not beyond reason. These construction guidelines from the Indian subcontinent can aid you with several decisions. Choosing the right colors for the house is one of them. Since colors have the power to dictate our moods, they are not a trivial factor during construction activities.

How to choose the best colors for your home

Since the Vastu system puts a heavy emphasis on directions, decisions about color are also influenced by this factor. For instance, the color Light-Blue is well suited for the North-East direction. Furthermore, these directional considerations aren’t baseless. To explain this point further, let’s consider an example. The North-West direction is closely linked with air. Thus, the colors best suited there are Light-Grey and Cream. Planetary considerations also come into play when you think of how to select the right color for your home. To give you an idea of how these planetary considerations work, ponder over this example. As Jupiter represents the North-East direction, the colors that best enhance that part of the house are shades of Yellow and Cream.

If the laws detailed above are painting a murky picture in your mind, do not give hope. The following segment of our discussions will make it crystal clear how to select the right color for your home.

Guidelines about different parts of the house

When you know how to choose the best colors for your home, you can also synchronize your vision with the architecture companies in Gurgaon. Here’s a room-by-room layout that you should follow:-

  • The Kitchen:- Make sure that the architectural plan of your house places the kitchen in the South-East corner of the house. Red and Orange are the best-suited colors for this direction.
  • The Hall-Area:- The directions ideal for the hall area are North-East and North-West. The colors that pertain to these directions are White and Yellow.
  • The Guest-Room:- It is important to curate a peaceful and hospitable aura for guest-rooms. Vastu dictates that White is a great color for this area of the house.
  • The Master Bedroom:- For newly-wed couples, the color of the master bedroom is of heavy significance. It is usually built in the South-West direction. Thereby, the Blue is a great selection here.
  • The Bathroom:- Bathrooms demand a sense of tranquility to them. Thus, the color White is the viable choice for these sections of the property. Even Vastu Shastra confirms the same since bathrooms occupy the North-West direction.
  • Exterior Frame of the House:- The external color of the house is just as important as the internal colors. This decision mainly pertains to variables linked with the owner of the house. Yet, Off-White, Orange, and Yellowish-White are some great universal choices.

The takeaway is that Vastu can be a great tool in your arsenal during the construction or renovation of your house. It can help you enjoy a pleasant and lively stay at your home. Thus, make sure that you tie-up well in advance with architecture companies in Gurgaon to avoid any last-minute quips.